Saturday, December 10, 2005

Review: Liberality for All, R for Retarded

Osama Bin Laden addresses the U.N, yesterday

There's been a lot of talk in various comics and politics forums about Mike Mackey and Donny Lin's right-wing comic 'Liberality for All'. Newsarama said that there were three comics people are talking about this season: Marvel's House of M, D.C's Infinite Crisis and ACC's Liberality, in which cyborg versions of popular right-wing talk show hosts wage a freedom-fight on the ultra-liberal U.N world government. Or something.
Now, a lot of people have been talking about this book, but few have read it, and I'm one of the few people lucky enough to have a copy. And what can I say except WOW. Now, that's not the same WOW some might experience reading something that's good, more the WOW you get when you read the winner of the Darwin awards, or about that woman who hired an undercover cop to kill an entire family to get a block of cheese.
I will always recall the day that my copy of Liberality arrived: I was sat on the porch of my organic soy cooperative when my life-partner and leather slave Mahmood came running down the driveway, covered in blood and clutching a gore-soaked copy of the comic.
"Look effendi" he said "The Great Satan's postal system has delivered more imperalist propaganda by mistake."
"Mahmood, my love, that's a copy of an AmeriKKKan comic book I ordered with my last welfare cheque. Though I respect your freedom to kill the mailman-"
"Mailwoman" he said, shuddering "I could see her ankles."
"I would say you did the right thing by killing that little Eichmann, but 'right' and 'wrong' are terms forced upon us by the fascist patriarchy to force us into a life of corporate slavery."
Mahmood had to take the hybrid car into town to get another garbage bag full of welfare cheques, leaving me ample time to perform a close and unbiased reading of the police state's latest attempt to subdue the proletariat.
Firstly, much the Nazi-sponsored Right-Wing media whose brain-washing labs produced Liberality, the book leaves many gaps in it's account of the real events of 9/11. Firstly, there is no mention of the vast Israeli sponsored plot to replace the planes with holograms and missiles, or that the people in the twin towers were not, in fact, real human beings with lives and families, but Little Eichmanns and Freemasons who plot every day to kill black people. Secondly: Osama Bin Laden is the bad guy in this book. Whuh? Did somebody miss a forum post on GNN? Look Mackey, if that is your real name, it's pretty simple: AmeriKKKa kills like a million people every day, so anyone who kills AmeriKKKans must be a good guy, and I refuse to do any more thinking about the subject than that. Also, the part about respecting guns? I laughed so hard I almost blew away my meth. The only ones I respect are in the hands of the brave Iraqi freedom fighters as they wage their revolutionary stuggle against the Nazi Corprocracy Fascists who want to steal their oil to run the SUVs of suburban consumer zombies and force upon the oppressed Iraqi people christian values like literacy. And the art? Our adopted Anglo-Saxon child could do better, in fact I used the pages I tore out in disgust to line his cage.
Of course, because a vast right-wing conspiracy controls all aspects of AmeriKKKan life, I expect Liberality and it's poisonous slander against progressive politics to be required reading in all of the nation's Corporate Drone Factories. I'm sorry, did I say Corporate Drone Factories? I meant SCHOOLS.


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